As solution providers WAPSEC Water Power Security & Research is constantly re-assessing - not just what is the latest and most advanced technology - but the methodology of best practice within a holistic framework.

Over the years WAPSEC has nurtured many water and energy ideas that have merit but no finance. Our desire to uplift is not matched, but we continue. Our modest beginnings started with the Desal Watercraft (Seawater Desalination Ship), SHEPHydro (Seawater Hydro Electric Power Station) and MPSPS Multi Purpose Seawater Power Station.


The current U.S. electricity demand is roughly 4 trillion watts (4 Terawatts or TW) and is growing at approximately 2.5% per year. Current projections place demand somewhere between 11 TW and 18 TW by 2050.

Coal has afforded a wealthy rise in living standards - for the lucky countries - but now the rest of the world want the same and energy consumption is expected to more than triple towards the end of this century.

It's time to smell the coffee. None of our current technologies could come close to providing a practical or satisfactory solution capable of dealing with tripling the power... it's time to elevate to a clean solution worthy of the 21st Century.


In 2013, Nassim Haramein published his pier reviewed paper, NEW "CONNECTED UNIVERSE" THEORY OFFERS ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATION OF GRAVITY AND THE SOURCE OF MASS which states that "space" is not empty but full of energy.

now with spin

The curvature of space also has spin,
just like water going down the sink.

Does this change the way we understand the universe and the energy that drives it?


Haramein calls a black hole a Black Whole.


Enter Neutronics Technologies who discovered Neutricity back in 1992. Is Neutricity the same energy Nassim Haramein has just discovered in 2013? It turns out, maybe, maybe not. The reference to aliens aren't needed and the number of esoteric references reaching for a unified theory is not science - as most "scientists" would agree, although spiritual scientists might shrug their heads in disbelief - but we can agree with "the result is a singularity and all creation merges from it" which correlates even though the pathway navigates via transliteration. Energy is the source of all creation.

We thank Nassim Haramein for the interesting methodology that delves into the depths of reality which opens dialog expanding and evolving debate - and most importantly sheds a light - are we bathed in energy ready to tap?

Neutricity the Energy Miracle is coming.

The bottom-line.

An invisible web of energy connects everything. 1986 - The United States Airforce confirmed the field exists. E.W. Silvertooth, "Special Relativity," Nature, vol. 322 (August 1986): p. 590.

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