Hidro+ Peer Review

Hidro+ Peer Review


The long awaited peer review paper has finally been published in IJST November 2012 Issue.

REPORT TITLE: *Paradigm-Changing 21st Century Renewable Energy Technology for Distributed Energy Power Generation with a Zero Carbon Footprint*

JOURNAL: International Journal of Science and Technology
Volume 1 No. 11, November, 2012. Pages 596-601.
COPYRIGHT: IJST © 2012 -- IJST Publications UK. All rights reserved.
AUTHOR: Dr Wayne Nowland


PDFContaining technical data on the HidroPlus technology delivered at a technical session at the World Renewable Energy Congress October 2011.

"This paper discusses the principles of the Hydrodynamic-Power technology, its concepts and working, as well as the fundamental technical and engineering perspectives of the technology.

In order to assist in evaluating the new Hydrodynamic power innovative clean energy technology, it is important to understand the basic science of various commercialized clean energy technologies and its renewable energy source, as well as its application, as described in Section 2 of this Paper. On Section 3.6.1: Hydrodynamic-cycle process energy-boundary is described; and Section 3.6.2: Hydro-dam scheme energy boundary is described for comparison-only.

The Hydrodynamic-Power Technology principle is based on Hydrodynamic-Cycle being natural phenomena that always exits in our solar system. The technology development has taken over a decade from initial conceptual designs through to a successful test for a 20kW pre-commercial plant constructed in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia..."

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